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Elegant Harpist

booking highlights

   Elegant harpist excelling in indoor and outdoor performances

   Trained musician at the Manhattan School of Music

   Was featured on “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Adult Swim’s “William Street Swap Shop," and more

   Ideal for corporate events, weddings, private parties and more

   Versatile repertoire from classical to contemporary

   Unique electric harp available

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Delight in the ethereal resonance of strings with a professional Harpist for hire, and let the elegance of harp music elevate your event in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. We present an accomplished harp virtuoso whose fingers dance over the strings to produce a symphony of sounds that captivate and enchant audiences of all kinds. From the gentle caress of a classical melody to the vibrant pluck of a jazz tune, our harpist tailors each performance with a versatile repertoire to suit any occasion.

Consider the allure of beautiful harp music for your event, whether you desire the grandeur of a pedal harp, the modern edge of a rare electric harp, or the traditional charm of a Celtic harp. Our electric harp, amplified strings, and complete sound system are an exemplary choice for large venues and outdoor gatherings. It provides a clear, rich sound that carries through any space—truly a unique offering in the Atlanta area.

With a rich educational background from the Manhattan School of Music and Indiana University's School of Music, and under the guidance of the nationally acclaimed Rosalie Pratt, our harpists are more than just musicians; they are artisans of atmosphere. Their performances, which have graced symphony orchestras and television soundtracks alike, assure that you're securing an artist of premier caliber when you book a harp player through us.

When planning your next gala, wedding, corporate function, or private affair, opting for a professional Harpist for hire is more than a choice—an invitation to an auditory odyssey. With us, booking this act is seamless, leaving you with a worry-free experience as our harpist transforms your event with the power of music.