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Mad Scientist Magician

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   One of the most watched magicians on YouTube today

   Produced an original show and illusions used by many famous actors

   Has performed on television for millions and across the globe in over 89 countries

   Based in Las Vegas and available for bookings worldwide

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Here is a magician who has performed in over 89 countries and Barack Obama! This scientist creates unique shows that feature exciting characters. His performances are nothing like you've seen before; he's one of the highest-watched magicians on YouTube with millions of hits from all around the world. If your looking to make memories last forever look no further because our mad scientist will do whatever it takes, even cut someone apart then put them back together again while they're still alive, while body parts move on their own. Our magician is an international stage star who has performed at some truly amazing events, including a show in Milan for 50,000 people and on America’s Got Talent alongside two fellow magicians. His performance went down very well with viewers of all ages! Now touring across the world, this magic act that holds a US patent for a living arm illusion that has been marketed as a toy.

This magician captivated audiences with his thrilling shows and incredible talents for illusion. An astounding magical inventor and consultant, our mad scientist have produced an original show as well creating many otherworldly tricks and sketches that have been performed in the famous acts of actors like Nicolas Cage or David Copperfield! With an outstanding reputation and tricks that will leave you amazed, this magician is certainly one of the most powerful forces out there! Contact us and secure this act today.