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LED Cyr Wheel Act

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   A LED Cyr wheel can be used to create a stunning, unforgettable experience for your audience that will have them saying "WOW!"

   They're perfect for corporate events, product launches and ceremonies.

   The Cyr wheel is a clever and easy way to personalize your logo or any other branded image.

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This LED Cyr Wheel Act will make your event stand out from the rest. It's a stunning example of flawless technique and cutting-edge technology that you can't miss at any type or size celebration!

Cyr wheel artists are the best at combining skill and technology to create thrilling LED light performances. Our masterful artist will have your guests talking about them for years!

Our LED light performer will captivate audiences with customized glow-in the dark choreographies. Amaze viewers by creating mesmerizing visual effects when the wheel is spun, swirled and balanced on stage!

Our amazing wheel artist is committed to producing a spectacular show that will enthrall audiences all over the globe! 

LED Cyr Wheels can add a breathtaking moment when the lights go out and the wheel turns on. Our team can work with you to find impactful moments where these visual effects can be maximized to leave your audiences cheering!