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A LED Champagne Dress Model strolling through a crowd of people. | Altus Entertainment

LED Champagne Dress Model

booking highlights

   Glamorous hostesses serve champagne with style

   LED dresses light up the event

   Served Land Rover, Schweppes, Marriott, others

   Perfect for themed, corporate, and private events

   Holds 96 flutes for continuous service

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Elevate the elegance of your next soiree when you hire LED Champagne Dress Model, the epitome of sophistication for any stylish affair. Delivering more than just refreshments, our Champagne Dress Hostesses are a fusion of fashion, function, and flair, making each guest interaction unforgettable. From Parisian origins to international recognition, each dress carries a promise of glamour, serving up to 96 flutes of champagne with unmatched poise and grace.

Illuminate your gala, corporate gathering, or private event with a champagne dress for a unique wow-factor. Our radiant hostesses, adorned with LED-lit dresses, provide a visual feast and the convenience of a walking bar, keeping the bubbly flowing throughout your event. This striking wardrobe innovation allows for effortless mingling, with the added allure of LEDs, to create an inviting ambiance in even the dimmest of settings.

Tailored to the tone of your event, every LED Champagne Dress Model features a simple switch to activate or dim the radiance, ensuring the perfect match for your event's mood. Whether you seek to cast a warm glow over a romantic wedding reception or add a futuristic edge to a product launch, the versatility of our hostesses' attire offers an adaptable solution.

For an added touch of spectacle, why settle for one when you can have multiple dresses ignite your event space? Hire LED Champagne Dress Model to command the room with a parade of luminescence and luxury, making it an event to be reminisced and talked about long after the last toast.

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