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Female performer wearing a glamorous gold dress while posing elegantly before a well-stocked wine rack, showcasing an ambiance of luxury and entertainment. | Altus Entertainment

Champagne Dress for Events

booking highlights

   Unique, mobile serving station in a dress

   Offers up to 120 beverages or dessert shots

   Themed champagne dresses for various event types

   Facilitates guest interaction and engagement

   Provides a unique photo opportunity

Services Offered

Champagne Dress for Events PHOTOS


Transform your event into a spectacle of glamour and elegance with our Champagne Dress for Events. The champagne dress concept is unique and functional, adding a delightful surprise to your event while serving a practical purpose. Dressed in a spectacular gown that doubles as a mobile serving station, our model gracefully strolls around your event, serving up to 120 beverages or dessert shots directly from the dress.

This visually impressive act combines entertainment, fashion, and service uniquely and engagingly. Our themed champagne dresses cater to various event themes, from sophisticated black-tie affairs to playful parties. Whatever your vision, our Champagne Dress for Events can bring it to life, adding a memorable touch of whimsy and elegance.

But this act isn't just about the dress; it's about interaction too. As guests self-serve directly off the gown, they engage with the model, sparking conversations and making your event even more sociable and enjoyable. This act can become an exciting ice-breaker, facilitating guest interaction while providing a unique photo opportunity.

Why settle for ordinary serving trays when you can mesmerize your guests with our Champagne Dress for Events? It's a glamorous, unique, and fun way to serve beverages or dessert shots, making your event unforgettable.