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Interactive Flying Aerialist Show

booking highlights

   Stunning aerialists suspended from giant helium balloon

   Both aerobatic and interactive to create the illusion of flying

   Stunning entertainment for any event

   Remarkable aerial spiral act

   Truly unique aerial experience

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Looking for a show that will truly captivate and amaze your audience? Look no further than our one-of-a-kind interactive flying aerialist show! This breathtaking performance features an aerialist suspended from a balloon, creating a mesmerizing display of aerobatics and interactivity. Perfect for any event, this unique aerial act will leave your guests in awe.

Imagine an acrobat spiraling and spinning gracefully through the air, seemingly weightless beneath a helium balloon. Our talented performers explores the space between street level and rooftops, creating magical moments that enchant your audience. With the help of a skilled ground crew, who control the balloon's speed, direction, and height, the aerialist can swoop down, interact with the crowd, and soar back up instantly.

This aerial spiral act is perfect for various events, from corporate gatherings to festivals and private parties. The show has been performed in 67 countries worldwide, impressing audiences with its breathtaking visuals and interactive elements. Whether you need an unforgettable performance for a wedding, a sports event, or a grand opening, our interactive flying aerialist show will deliver.

Since its debut in 1998, this show has been a pioneer in the aerial performance industry. We've continuously evolved, introducing new covers, costumes, branding, lighting, and fabrics. This team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring each performance is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Take the chance to book this incredible performance featuring an aerialist suspended from a balloon! Bring the magic of flight to your event with our interactive flying aerialist show. Your guests will be talking about this spectacular performance for years to come.


  • Cirque du Soleil, Riyadh Season Opening
  • SKATE launch, Somerset House
  • Saudi National Games Opening Ceremony
  • Womens Euros Finals, Wembley
  • Platinum Jubilee Parade, London
  • Arcadia Spider Show, Glastonbury
  • Green Man Festival, UK
  • Tollwood Summer Fest, Munich
  • Just So Festival, UK
  • CCH Congress Launch, Hamburg
  • Destination Vignobles, Marseilles
  • Utopia Parade, Lille 3000
  • MADUA Tennis Gala, Madrid
  • Dubai Expo 2022
  • LNYDP 2022
  • Leonardslee Illuminated & Enchanted, UK
  • Global Citizen Live, Paris
  • MDL Beast Soundstorm, Riyadh
  • Green Man Festival, UK
  • One Young World, Royal Albert Hall
  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
  • Festival of Cigars, Havana
  • 5tardium, Seoul
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai
  • Goyang Lake Park Arts Festival
  • NFL UK Season
  • WRU Autumn Internationals, UK
  • White Night, Melbourne & Ballarat
  • Qingdao International Beer Festival
  • Sydfest 2019, Australia
  • Tollwood Winterfest, Munich
  • Autonomy, Paris
  • Field of Women, Melbourne
  • HOTA Glow, Cold Coast, Australia
  • Coex & Ansan Street Arts Festivals, Seoul
  • Cirque du Soleil, World Cup Racing, Dubai
  • Quantas 95th Anniversary, Sydney
  • Lollapalooza, Berlin
  • Venice Carnivale, Finale Show
  • FA Cup Final, Wembley
  • Arafura Games Opening, Darwin
  • HSBC Bank Launch, Hong Kong
  • Breitling Med Cup, Alicante
  • Muse European Stadium Tours
  • Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, Manchester
  • Grand Lisboa Casino Opening, Macau
  • Jockey Club, Hong Kong
  • Cirque du Soleil, Maui
  • Henley Festival
  • Circus Roncalli, Hamburg
  • Princes Trust, Highgrove
  • Derby Day, Epson
  • Perth International Festival
  • Commonwealth Games, Melbourne
  • Cavalcade of Light, Toronto


‘This show has been widely regarded as the most astonishing and beautiful thing ever seen at the Festival. I have to agree – an astonishing impact every time it appeared’

Stewart Collins, Henley Festival

‘You guys did an amazing job in both cities but given the rain and cold, you out did yourselves and the crowds responded accordingly. This show is one of the event highlights for all of us. Thank you for being so professional and for your beautiful execution and peerless performances. It’s been a real pleasure and privilege to have been able to work with you again’

David Atkins, Artistic Director, White Night