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Hilarious Magician Prankster

booking highlights

   Hilariously blends audience participation, stunts, and comedy into one jam-packed show

   Has performed in various hotels such as Caesars Palace, Flamingo Las Vegas, Trump Castle, and more

   Prestigious clients include Toshiba, Sony, The Queen of England, The Sultan of Brunei

   Veteran of prestigious global stages

   Unique blend of pranks and prestidigitation

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Step right up and prepare for a comedic twist on magic that will have your guests in stitches and awe! When you hire the prankster magician for event, you guarantee an evening of laughter, surprises, and spellbinding tricks. This isn't just your average magic show; it's a whirlwind of hilarity and sleight of hand, crafted by a seasoned funny prank magician who knows how to twist every trick with a punchline.

With a trophy case of experiences, including highly acclaimed stage performances, cruise ships, casinos, and even a prestigious spot on The Tonight Show, our comedic magician is a seasoned pro at stealing the show. Imagine the buzz and excitement among your guests as they witness the same performer who has entertained Carnegie Hall and The Queen of England, now captivating your event with a unique blend of comedy and magic.

This Variety performer brings more than just tricks up his sleeve – he's an internationally celebrated artist who has left his mark in over 51 countries and five continents. His audience participation stunts are legendary, turning spectators into part of the spectacle and ensuring an immersive and unforgettable personalized experience.

The hilarity and wonder don't stop there; you're hiring a performer whose talents have historically wowed millions at The Water Festival in Cambodia and Laos. His unique American flair in global waters has made him a precious commodity in entertainment.

Seize the opportunity to bring a touch of world-class prestige to your event. Hire the prankster magician and watch as he orchestrates an evening filled with laughter, gasps, and memories your guests will cherish. With this comedic magician on your stage, your event will be the talk of the town – where magic meets mirth and every trick is a treat!