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Gold Rush Circus Show

booking highlights

   Cutting-edge production with vintage flair

   Thrilling acrobatics with historical machinery

   Wild West meets circus spectacle

   Daring acts inspired by frontier legends

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Journey back to the hustle and excitement of the 1800s circus with our Gold Rush Circus Show, an astounding production infused with the spirit of the Wild West and the ingenuity of the Industrial Age. Witness an entire show where performers defy expectations, utilizing a mesmerizing blend of early mining equipment and daring acrobatics to tell the story of America's iconic era of exploration and fortune-seeking.

Our circus whole show takes you on an adventure beyond the town, deep into the mines of the Gold Rush. Here, performers ascend swaying telegraph poles and dance upon a swinging chandelier, embracing the heart-pounding risks and dreams that fueled a nation's expansion westward. The revolving crane carries artists through the air with precision and grace. Flipping and jumping on moving ore carts captures the essence of discovery and the relentless pursuit of gold.

Every piece of scenery in our 1800s circus doubles as a prop for performance, creating a seamless narrative that blurs the line between stagecraft and spectacle. This production is a living tableau that revives the awe of the Gold Rush era, where balance on whiskey jugs and flight on a crane form an allegory of the boldness that characterized the period.

Crafted with the vision of world-class directors and performers, veterans of the renowned Cirque du Soleil, the Gold Rush Circus Show embodies the storytelling, artistry, and mechanical marvels that have earned accolades across over 50 venues in North America, including prestigious theaters and theme parks.

Invite the spirit of the American frontier to your next event with the Gold Rush Circus Show, a complete show that not only entertains but transports audiences to a time of boundless possibility. Let your guests strike it rich with unforgettable memories of an 1800s circus reimagined for a modern marvel.