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Glass Musicians

booking highlights

   Unique performances using wine glasses, champagne flutes, and fish bowls

   Ethereal blend of instrumental and vocal music

   A novel and enchanting auditory experience

   Adds a touch of elegance and wonder to any event

   Perfect for creating a captivating and sophisticated atmosphere

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Introduce your guests to the ethereal and enchanting world of our Glass Musicians, where the dulcet tones of crystal are paired with the angelic delicacy of a vocalist's serene melodies. Our musicians take the art of sonic creation to transcendent heights, curating a soundscape that is as fragile as it is fascinating.

With an array of wine glasses, champagne flutes, and fish bowls at their fingertips, they extract beautiful music that resonates with purity and grace. This isn't just a performance; it's a showcase of the unseen potential of everyday objects, transformed into instruments of rare and exquisite sound.

The harmonious blend of the singers' gentle timbres with the clear, ringing tones of glass creates a symphony that seems to hang in the air like mist, leaving listeners with the lingering presence of something divine and wholly novel. This magical music, once unheard, now becomes the centerpiece of your event, setting the mood for an evening of sophistication and wonder.

Ideal for events that aim to captivate and mesmerize, our Glass Musicians' performance is perfect for those seeking to add a unique touch to their gathering. Whether it's music on wine glasses that raises a toast to the extraordinary or the aquatic acoustics of fish bowl music that ripples through the air, your guests will be charmed by the sheer originality and audial beauty.

Elevate your event with an act that is both delicate and powerful. Book our Glass Musicians now and treat your audience to an auditory experience they’ve never heard before, and will certainly never forget.