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Living Wine Bar

booking highlights

   Unique “Living Wine Bar” serving experience

   Themed servers to match event theme

   Interactive and entertaining wine service

   Customizable characters for a personal touch

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Enliven your event with our "Living Wine Bar," an exceptional blend of entertainment and service. This unique service invites you to enjoy your wine served by themed servers, adding a dash of whimsy and glam to your occasion. Our wine servers are more than just staff; they are characters that can be customized to fit your event theme, adding an element of intrigue and conversation to your gathering. Our living wine bar doesn't just serve wine; it creates an interactive experience that will have your guests talking long after the event is over. Choose from a variety of characters, each one brimming with personality and ready to pour wine that gladdens the hearts of your guests. Perfect for any event, our living wine bar ensures that every glass of wine served becomes a memorable moment. Immerse your guests in a wine-tasting experience like no other with our unique blend of service and entertainment.