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Gatsby Swing Jazz Band

booking highlights

   Authentic Gatsby era swing and jazz

   Charismatic female vocalist and ukulele talent

   Unique blend of gramophone tunes and lively rhythms

    Drawing from the styles of early jazz, opera, and chamber music

   Time-traveling 1920s musical experience

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Swing back in time and fill your venue with the irresistible allure of the roaring twenties with our Great Gatsby themed jazz band. Altus Entertainment takes pride in presenting an ensemble that radiates the vintage swing and jazz sounds synonymous with Gatsby-themed events, perfect for enveloping your guests in an era of unparalleled elegance and lively celebration.

Our captivating jazz band, with a charismatic female lead vocalist and her masterful ukulele renditions, is the heart and soul of an authentic 1920s experience. The band's ability to conjure the opulent atmosphere of the Gatsby era is unmatched, as they perform classics that resonate with the crackling energy of gramophone hits and the sultry beats of timeless dance numbers.

Whether hosting a corporate gala, a sophisticated wedding, or an exclusive party, selecting our Great Gatsby themed jazz band guarantees your event's atmosphere will be magical. Our musicians have graced the stages of prestigious venues, infusing each performance with professionalism and high-quality entertainment that aligns perfectly with the luxury and excitement of Gatsby-themed events.

Invite our vintage swing and jazz band to take center stage and watch as they transform your celebration into a splendid soirée, evoking the spirit of the Jazz Age. Their repertoire is designed to create memories that echo through time, ensuring every moment spent swaying to their tunes becomes a cherished snapshot of joy.