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Vintage-style jazz band performing outdoors with standing trombone player, seated banjo player, and background trumpet player embodying classic charm | Altus Entertainment

1920s Prohibition-Era Jazz Band

booking highlights

   Authentic Roaring Twenties jazz experience

   Multi-instrumentalist band leader excellence

   Ideal for themed parties and corporate events

   Vaudeville entertainment meets hot jazz

   Veteran performers with records and renown

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Immerse your guests in the extravagant spirit of the Jazz Age with our 1920s Prohibition-Era Jazz Band, the premier choice for 1920s era musicians & bands hire. Our ensemble will transform your event into an authentic speakeasy, complete with the toe-tapping rhythm of 'Hot Jazz' and the unmistakable ambiance of a time when the music was as spirited as the underground liquor.

With a multi-talented band leader at the helm, adept at instruments from piano to trumpet and even the teapot, our group promises a lively performance that captures the essence of the 1920s. Our 1920s band for hire is not just a musical act; they're a time capsule that combines the vibrant history and lively spirit of the Roaring Twenties into one enthralling show.

Choose our 1920s jazz band for events to experience a seamless blend of entertainment and nostalgia. Each performance invites you to don the flapper dress or pinstripe suit and dance the night away to classics that echo through time. With eight impressive records and countless high-profile performances, our band is guaranteed to be a hit, thrilling party-goers, corporate clients, and history buffs alike.

Channel the era of jazz legends and Gatsby-esque revelry by bringing our Prohibition-Era Jazz Band to your next themed party or corporate event. We deliver more than music; we bring an era to life, ensuring your occasion is unforgettable and historically enriching.

  • Kimmel Center
  • Hearst Castle
  • The Trocadero
  • Underground Arts
  • The Union League of Philadelphia
  • The Philadelphia Club
  • Moshulu
  • Orpheus Club
  • TIME
  • Heritage
  • Franky Ann's (formerly Rembrandt's)
  • Vesper
  • L'Etage
  • The Saloon
  • Infusion Lounge
  • The Farmers' Cabinet (RIP)
  • RUBA Club
  • Sedition
  • The Pineville Fishtown
  • Hopscotch22
  • SwingKat Entertainment
  • 2300 Arena
  • SS Delta Queen & SS Mississippi Queen
  • Hotel Bethlehem
  • Kessler Theatre TX
  • The Bookstore Speakeasy
  • Hummingbird to Mars
  • The Race of Gentlemen
  • Jazz Age Lawn Party NYC
  • Sleep No More
  • Shanghai Mermaid
  • Danes of Vice
  • Wit's End
  • Glen Foerd Estate
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Fort Mifflin
  • Cleveland Botanical Gardens
  • Mutter Museum
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Delaware Museum of Art
  • Chris' Jazz Cafe
  • Glen Echo Park

It isn't often that I meet a young musician who is three things at once: a great musician, a great entertainer, and a great scholar of the music. He's an exceptionally talented player - a virtuoso in fact (on trumpet and piano), a man who really knows how to please a crowd with his singing and a rather amazing stunt of playing a teapot (as if were some kind of small brass horn), and as a student of the music, he is one of the very few individuals I have ever met, in any profession or from any age group, who knows more songs from the 1920s than I do... All around, he's a powerhouse of a package.