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Futuristic Keynote Speaker

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   Best-selling author who was voted Best Business Book by USA Book News and won the Axiom 2014 Best Business Book Award

   She has visited over 30 countries, reaching 100k people with popular speeches

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York

   Has inspired executives at Google, Cisco, Citigroup, and the U.S. Navy War College

   Shares her expertise in innovation to help teach businesses how to use creativity in the workplace

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Bring a glimpse of the future to your event with our Futurist Keynote Speaker for hire. This renowned author and speaker is known for her thought-provoking insights into innovation and creativity in the business world.

With experience speaking to audiences worldwide, she ranks among the Top 50 Speakers globally. Her expertise lies in helping companies understand how they can excel by doing simple things better than anyone else. Her talks are not just informative; they're an inspiration to her audience.

Our Futurist Keynote Speaker is a recognized leader in innovation. As an entrepreneur and author, she has shared her knowledge at conferences all over the world. Her bestselling work has earned rave reviews and multiple awards, further solidifying her position as a leading voice in business innovation.

Whether you're hosting live or virtual events, our Futuristic Keynote Speaker will captivate your audience with her knowledge and insights. As a Global Council Member of the World Economic Forum and an advisor on the Association of Professional Futurists board, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each speaking engagement.

So, if you're looking for Futurist Speakers for Live and Virtual Events or a Future & Innovation Speaker, look no further. Hire our Futurist Keynote Speaker today and inspire your audience with insightful and forward-looking perspectives.