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East Coast Bucket Drummer

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   Has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Kelis, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana, and more

    High-energy interactive bucket drumming performances from a highly sought-after east coast drummer

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York

   Worked with clients such as Nickelodeon, Maybelline, Canon and many others

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Discover the raw and rhythmic talents of the East Coast Bucket Drummer, whose pulsating beats have resonated from the bustling streets to the grandest of stages. Witness a performer who began his journey alongside his brother, captivating passersby with nothing but a set of buckets and an undeniable gift for rhythm.

This streetwise percussionist has ascended from subway celebrity to a highly sought-after act, associated with being one of the finest of the music industry. Imagine the sheer power of his drum and percussion shows for events that has accompanied the likes of Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Amarie in music videos, and even harmonized with the energy of live performances by Beyoncé.

The extent of his talent reaches beyond the accolades of sharing the stage with legends like Carlos Santana and Aretha Franklin; his rhythmic genius has also punctuated the silver screen in films such as "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson and "Silver" with Sharon Stone. Moreover, he has lent his musical prowess to the gripping scores of CBS' "Blue Bloods."

Our bucket drummer's reputation for delivering high-octane, engaging performances has earned invitations to prestigious events, including the Winter Olympics, brand-forward TV commercials, and educational workshops. His flexible performance style allows for powerful solo shows or collaborative displays with fellow drummers, perfect for any event scale.

Corporations looking to amplify their product promotions find an innovative ally in our percussionist, whose branded buckets turn each performance into a visually appealing, brand-boosting spectacle. His client list boasts of partnerships with Nickelodeon, Canon, Maybelline, and many more illustrious names.

If you're looking to book street percussionist for events, inject your event with the high-energy, top-tier talent that only a masterful street percussionist can provide. Hire talented bucket drummer like this one today.