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Acoustic String Solo Performer

booking highlights

   Enchanting solo string performances

   Elegant ambiance for any occasion

   Expansive, genre-spanning repertoire

   Personalized musical selections

   Acoustic artistry at its finest

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Acoustic String Solo Performer PHOTOS

Evoke the essence of pure music at your next event with an Acoustic String Solo Performer whose strings speak volumes. This sensational soloist is the quintessence of auditory elegance, ready to envelop your guests in a tapestry of rich tones that resonate with every deep bow and delicate pluck. As an Acoustic solo artist, she transcends the typical and transforms any event into an intimate concert.

Whether you're orchestrating a black-tie affair or hosting a private soirée, the versatility of her ever-growing repertoire guarantees the perfect harmony for any genre you desire. From the timeless compositions of classical music to the modern rhythms of today's hits, she adapts her performance to mirror the theme and ambiance of your special occasion.

As an Acoustic Singer Guitarist, she weaves her melodies with an intricate touch, ensuring that each note captures the intended mood, whether it calls for simplicity or complexity. Her performances are not just heard; they are an experience, elevating the environment and setting a backdrop of sophistication.

When you hire this Acoustic String Solo Performer, you are not simply choosing live music; you are shaping the atmosphere of your event into something memorable. With Altus Entertainment, you can bring this unparalleled acoustic artistry to your guests, ensuring your occasion resonates with beauty and grace.

Engage with our string soloist for a performance that is as dynamic as it is delightful. Allow the subtle magnificence of acoustic strings to add an element of enchantment to your event. This all-female artist is not just a musician; she is a mood sculptor who will help set your event in motion with impeccable style.

From the first moment of communication at the beginning of the process to the final chord at the end of the performance, Sympholynn was a dream with which to work. We would definitely hire Sympholynn, again. Thank you for making our event extra special.

Samuel C., World Poker

Beautiful music provided as my guests arrived by the lovely, talented, classy Sympholynn.

Kate T.

We had Sympholynn play at our Gala dinner last year, and they were fantastic! Professional all the way through. We would love to have you play again this year!

Eve M., Velocity Dance Convention

Thank you so much for a wonderful night tonight. The string trio was amazing and a highlight to the evening. Everybody commented how beautiful they sounded. Again, thank you.

Michael & Heather

The ladies were amazing. The music actually brought me to tears with how beautiful it was. They were exactly what I was hoping for. The music was absolutely perfect and so beautiful. They were on time, dressed for the event and so very professional in the setup and tear down (they were quiet and stealthy). We will be booking them again for sure. I can't say enough about how wonderful they were!

Laura R.

The string trio was AMAZING! Jennifer kept in touch and responded to messages in a timely and professional manner. As I made my way to the ceremony site, I heard the music from a distance and immediately started tearing up. My now-husband and I received so many compliments about the ladies and the music they played. I highly recommend booking Sympholynn for any event! Thank you so much!

Kristyn S. A

They were great! Very well organized, good repertoire, great looks, and perfect execution. Delightful performance overall. Highly recommended. Thanks for everything!

Onur A.

Perfect ceremony with Sympholynn!!!! Thank you for making our very special day so perfect and beautiful! It was everything we hoped it would be and more!

Shaundee C.

All that really needs to be said is that many of our wedding guests pulled us aside to tell us how awesome Sympholynn was. But, from our perspective, they were very easy to deal with, excited for our wedding, and eager to make it something special. We can't thank them enough for helping to make it a truly special and memorable day for everyone!

Sean & Jacky