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Acoustic Performance

booking highlights

   Unplugged musical journey through rock's golden era

   Interactive and engaging performances

   Perfect for upscale corporate events

   Timeless acoustic renditions of classic hits

   Versatile repertoire from traditional to contemporary

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Let the timeless sound of classic rock envelop your next event with an acoustic musical group that resonates with the spirit of Southern California's golden era. This Acoustic Performance is a treasure trove of rich harmonies and legendary anthems that define a generation, and it's available for your corporate dance party, dinner show, or cocktail event.

Imagine an interactive performance that's compact but vast in impact. This bite-size band delivers a powerful acoustic experience to entertain and mesmerize your guests throughout the night. Whether you're searching for the soulful charm of traditional melodies or the vibrant energy of contemporary hits, our acoustic duos & band performers bring a bespoke ambiance to your event.

Choosing live acoustic band entertainment means offering your audience a show and a sensory journey through some of the most iconic music ever created. Our spectacular performances guarantee a high entertainment value, making every moment spent with us a lasting memory.

Suiting all musical tastes and event sizes, our acoustic musical group is the perfect accompaniment to any gathering that values the artistry of live, unplugged music. From the intricate string work of timeless rock ballads to the heartfelt delivery of modern-day classics, our musicians are skilled artisans ready to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

For a night that echoes with the chords of nostalgia and the rhythm of contemporary flair, trust Altus Entertainment to provide an acoustic experience that is both authentic and unforgettable. Reach out to book a performance guaranteed to leave your guests singing along to the enduring anthems of rock's most significant era.