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Melodic Acoustic Duo

booking highlights

   Tailored setlists for personalized experiences

   Over 18 years charming The Hamptons

   Intimate, live acoustic performances

   Vast repertoire from classic to contemporary hits

   Duo expertise in vocal harmony and guitar

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Discover the enchanting harmony and pure acoustic bliss that only comes with the best Acoustic Duo hire for events. For nearly two decades, our Melodic Acoustic Duo has enchanted audiences throughout The Hamptons and beyond with their soulful renditions and impeccable musicality.

With a repertoire of over 500 songs spanning the greatest hits from eras past and present, from the heartwarming ballads of The Beatles to the modern anthems of U2, our duo offers a musical journey that's both versatile and memorable. Their talent transcends genres, ensuring every guest finds a tune that resonates, whether they're longing for the nostalgic strums of America or the energetic beats of Bon Jovi.

As a talented vocal and guitar duo, they bring an intimacy to live performance that's rare and invaluable. Their acoustic sets create the perfect soundtrack for every moment, be it a subtle serenade during a romantic dinner or an upbeat set that gets everyone on their feet.

When you hire a melodic duo for an event, you're not just getting background music; you're crafting an atmosphere. Our Acoustic Duo's music is the thread that ties the evening together, creating memories that echo with melody and rhythm.

Booking our Melodic Acoustic Duo means ensuring your special event becomes an extraordinary experience. Touch base with Altus Entertainment today, and let us fill your venue with the sound of unmatched acoustic perfection.