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R&B Artists Soul and Funk for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers a rich selection of Soul, Funk and R&B Artists, perfect for adding depth and vibrancy to any event. Our talented performers specialize in delivering emotionally resonant and rhythmically engaging experiences, tailored to the theme of your occasion, ensuring a memorable event filled with soulful melodies, rhythmic grooves, and powerful vocals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Altus Entertainment's artists can often accommodate special song requests to make your event more personal and memorable.

Altus Entertainment's artists typically provide their musical equipment, making it convenient for clients. However, specific arrangements can be discussed during the booking process.

Yes, many of Altus Entertainment's artists can perform a mix of covers and original songs to suit your event's preferences. Discuss your preferences and song choices during the booking process.

Acts List

A couple performing live music with a microphone. | Altus Entertainment
Upbeat and Classy Jazz Band
Unique mix of Classic Jazz, Big Band Swing, Bossa Nova, and Classic Soul,Tailors performances to suit each event perfectly,Can create an upbeat atmosphere to get your guests on the dance floor,Excels at creating atmospheres reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era, Old Hollywood, and the Jazz Age,Experienced musicians with a passion for classic and contemporary jazz
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Male performer in suit singing into a microphone on stage | Altus Entertainment
High-Energy RnB Live Band
East Coast ensemble, large popular music repertoire,High-energy live RnB performances,Versatile lineup, 7 to 10-piece band available,Perfect for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and galas,Available in worldwide bookings, based in Massachusetts
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Woman rocking a stylish leather jacket and wearing luminescent headphones | Altus Entertainment
Las Vegas Female DJ
Residencies at some of the most legendary nightclubs in Las Vegas,Open-format DJ who blends hip-hop, pop, EDM, and house music in a way that gets any crowd moving,Versed in turntablism and vinyl record art forms,Proven track record of delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences,Appearances on VH1's Master of the Mix and collaborations with some of the biggest artists in pop and hip hop
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Versatile Female Singer With Optional Band | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Female Singer With Optional Band
Passionate blend of Americana and rock,Captivating solo, duo, or full-band performances,Covers and originals with explosive energy,Unforgettable stage presence and charism
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Passionate female musician engrossed in a piano performance with an expressive look of joy | Altus Entertainment
Soulful Solo Artist
Worked alongside musical legends,Elegant fusion of piano and soulful vocals,Diverse musical repertoire for all events,Captivating presence from an accomplished artist
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A man in sunglasses playing an electric guitar in front of a microphone for cover bands. | Altus Entertainment
Smooth Lounge Band
Band can be a trio, quartet or quintet,Covers a wide range of genres including soul, funk, rock, and blues,Perfect for creating a soulful and captivating atmosphere,Smooth lounge band led by a talented singer/guitarist
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A group of entertainers performing music on a stage for Memorial Day. | Altus Entertainment
Steel Drum Show
Fusion of calypso, funk, and rock reggae.,Infectious steel drum rhythms.,Soulful harmonies that captivate,Transport your event to the Caribbean,Over 30 years full-time band.
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Musician poised to perform on stage, equipped with an electric guitar, adorned in a striking black and gold patterned jacket, surrounded by professional musical equipment at a live music venue. | Altus Entertainment
Stellar Event Band
Electrifying performances igniting your events,A versatile repertoire from the 60s to today,Michigan's finest musicians and vocal talents,Dynamic shows with cross-genre music mastery,Transforming events into legendary music experiences
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Maroon 5 Tribute Band | Altus Entertainment
Maroon 5 Tribute Band
Authentic Maroon 5 concert experience,Capturing the essence of Adam Levine,Dynamic performances with fresh twists,Passionate tribute by dedicated musicians
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Soul Artists for Events and Parties

Experience the heart and soul of music with Altus Entertainment's exceptional lineup of R&B artists, soul, and funk players. Our performers are not just musicians; they are storytellers who use rhythm and lyrics to connect deeply with their audience. Whether you're looking to hire R&B artists who bring smooth, soulful melodies, funk artists who deliver rhythmic grooves, or soul artists who touch the heart with their powerful vocals, we have the talent that will elevate your event to an unforgettable musical journey.

Our R&B artists specialize in delivering performances that are rich in emotion and style. Their music, characterized by smooth rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, creates an atmosphere that is both intimate and invigorating. Whether setting a romantic mood or igniting the stage with dynamic performances, our R&B artists ensure a memorable experience for all guests.

Funk artists in our roster bring an energetic and rhythmic flair to any event. Known for their captivating beats and infectious grooves, these artists are masters at getting the crowd moving. Their performances are not just about music; they are a celebration of life, perfect for events where you want to create a lively and upbeat atmosphere.

Soul artists, with their powerful vocals and deeply moving performances, bring a sense of depth and authenticity to your event. Their music resonates with emotion, reaching out and touching the hearts of the audience. Booking soul artists from Altus Entertainment means bringing a level of passion and sincerity to your event that is unmatched.

Our soul, R&B, and funk Artists are versatile and can tailor their performances to suit your event's specific needs. Whether it’s a corporate function, a private party, a wedding, or a festival, our artists can adapt their style to match the tone and theme of your celebration. Their performances are not just shows; they are experiences that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

In conclusion, choosing Altus Entertainment's soul, R&B, and funk Artists for your event means choosing an experience that is rich in musicality and emotion. Our talented performers will not only entertain your guests but also connect with them on a deeper level, making your event a standout in terms of quality and impact. Contact us today to hire the best in soul, R&B, and funk music and make your event a musical masterpiece.