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Medieval Themes and Historical Acts

Altus Entertainment offers an immersive historical experience with our medieval theme performers, perfect for events with a medieval or renaissance theme. Our talented artists, dressed in period costumes and playing traditional instruments, provide an authentic and captivating musical backdrop, transporting guests to an era of elegance and romance.

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Our medieval artists are skilled in playing a variety of period instruments, including the lute, harp, recorder, flute, and more. These instruments are meticulously chosen to provide an authentic musical experience from historical periods.

Our medieval performers are adorned in meticulously crafted period costumes that reflect the fashion and style of the historical era they are representing. These costumes are designed to be both visually authentic and comfortable for the artists.

Our medieval acts can adapt their performance style to your event's setting. They can perform on a stage as a focal point of entertainment or roam among your guests, providing an interactive and immersive musical experience. They engage with guests through music and storytelling, creating a unique historical ambiance.

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Women of History
Brings the past to life with authentic clothing and engaging storytelling,Can adapt performance to a variety of time periods or specific women,Victorian, Civil War, and Colonial eras to choose from,Educational and engaging performance,Authentic, hand-sewn clothing
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Medieval Artists for Events and Parties

Bring the rich tapestry of history to life at your next event with Altus Entertainment's medieval and historical acts. Immerse your guests in an authentic historical experience, perfect for events with a medieval theme or a renaissance fair. Our talented medieval artists are not just performers; they are time travelers who will transport your guests to a bygone era with their enchanting music and authentic period presence.

Experience the magic of history with our medieval theme performers. Playing period instruments and adorned in meticulously crafted costumes, our artists provide a soundtrack that resonates with the grandeur and romance of the past. Whether you are staging a grand renaissance fair or an intimate gathering with a historical theme, our performers add the perfect period touch.

Our acts are versatile and can adapt to your event's setting. Place them on a stage for a stunning focal point, or let them roam among your guests, providing an interactive and immersive musical experience. The authenticity of their performances is unmatched, from the melodious strains of a lute to the harmonious chords of a string quartet, echoing the nights at the Vienna Opera.

Booking with Altus Entertainment means choosing an entertainment experience that is both unique and memorable. Our medieval themed acts are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and historical authenticity to your event. They offer more than just music; they create an atmosphere that captivates and transports your guests to a different time and place.

In summary, Altus Entertainment's medieval theme and historical acts are the perfect addition to any event looking to recreate the ambiance of historical periods. Our talented performers, equipped with period instruments and costumes, are ready to provide your guests with an authentic and unforgettable historic musical experience. Book with us today and let us take your event back in time.