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Two Chinese men dressed as samurai posing on stairs. | Altus Entertainment

Martial Arts Dancers for Hire

Altus Entertainment's martial arts dance performances blend martial arts and dance, showcasing global styles like Capoeira, Tai Chi, and Karate. Our skilled performers offer a captivating and culturally rich experience for any event.

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Chinese Dragon Dance | Altus Entertainment
Chinese Dragon Dance
Authentic Chinese Dragon Dance performance,Symbolizes luck and prosperity,Expert team of festive dancers,Perfect for Lunar New Year events,Cultural heritage brought to your celebration
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Traditional Chinese Female Acrobat | Altus Entertainment
Traditional Chinese Female Acrobat
Stunning traditional Chinese acrobatics,Versatile with multiple performance acts,Engaging foot juggling spectacle,High-energy Cyr wheel fusion act,Perfect for diverse audiences and events
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A captivating fire show performance takes place as a skilled artist mesmerizes the audience with their dazzling fire dance in the desert. | Altus Entertainment
Tribal Fire Dance Act
Can safely adapt show to most spaces inside and out, tailored to any type of event,Includes fire eating, breathing, flaming swords, staffs, and balls and chains,Can provide a larger choreographed show with more fire dancers and stilt walkers,The breathtaking showmanship is immediately captivating,Experienced performer with 20 years of dedication
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Two Chinese men dressed as samurai posing on stairs. | Altus Entertainment
Acrobatic Martial Arts Show
High-energy martial arts acrobatics,Customizable to event size and theme,Acclaimed by elite entertainment artists,Versatile for both intimate and grand events,Thrilling acrobatic prowess with weaponry
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Martial Arts Performers for Events and Parties

Experience the electrifying fusion of combat and choreography with Altus Entertainment's martial arts dance performances. Our martial arts performers are not just dancers; they are artists who masterfully blend the precision of martial arts with the grace of dance, creating a spectacle that is both thrilling and beautiful.

When you choose to hire martial art dancers from Altus, you're inviting your guests to embark on a global tour of martial arts dance. From the rhythmic beats of African martial art Capoeira dancers to the disciplined elegance of Tai Chi and the explosive energy of Korean and Chinese martial arts, each performance is a testament to the diverse and rich traditions of martial arts across the world.

Our martial arts dance shows are more than just entertainment; they are a celebration of cultural heritage and the art of movement. Whether it's the dynamic flair of karate themed entertainment or the mesmerizing flow of Capoeira, our performers captivate audiences with their skill and artistry.

Altus Entertainment takes pride in offering the best martial arts shows, tailored to create unforgettable experiences at your events. Whether it's a corporate function, a cultural festival, or a private celebration, our martial art dancers for hire will leave your guests in awe with their stunning routines and impeccable skill.

In summary, Altus Entertainment is your gateway to the world of martial arts dance. Hire our martial arts performers and let us bring the beauty and excitement of martial arts dance to your next event.