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An award-winning female comedian wearing glasses and a striped hat. | Altus Entertainment

Choose to hire LGBTQ Performers

Choose to hire LGBTQ Performers from Altus Entertainment and elevate your event with a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. From drag queens and thought-provoking speakers to electrifying musical acts, we offer a comprehensive range of authentic LGBTQ+ talent to make your event unforgettable.

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Las Vegas Female DJ
Residencies at some of the most legendary nightclubs in Las Vegas,Open-format DJ who blends hip-hop, pop, EDM, and house music in a way that gets any crowd moving,Versed in turntablism and vinyl record art forms,Proven track record of delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences,Appearances on VH1's Master of the Mix and collaborations with some of the biggest artists in pop and hip hop
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A woman holding a microphone in front of a sign that says comedy night at the inn | Altus Entertainment
Female Comedic Event Host
Versatile act suitable for any event theme,Over 15 years of comedic experience,Perfect blend of stand-up and improv,Tailored comedic sets for personalized touch,Notable appearances on renowned shows
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An award-winning female comedian wearing glasses and a striped hat. | Altus Entertainment
Female Comedian for Events
Experienced and acclaimed female stand-up comedian,Award-winning performances with distinctive comedic style,Infectious energy and intelligent, quirky humor ,Participated in several prestigious comedy festivals, Guaranteed to transform any event into a laughter-filled occasion
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Extraordinary Cover Singer | Altus Entertainment
Extraordinary Cover Singer
Powerhouse tenor with national recognition,Versatile covers from acapella to full band,Perfect pitch for corporate and private events,Studied Music Business and Musical Theatre,Impeccable performance and production quality
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Male performer in a dark coat standing on a sandy beach for an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Grammy Award-Winning Singer
Grammy-winning vocal talent,High-energy, dynamic performances,Collaborated with Latin music icons,Diverse repertoire with Latin flair,LGBTQ and Latino pride on stage
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Hire LGBTQ Entertainers

When you hire LGBTQ Performers from Altus Entertainment, you're making a powerful statement about the importance of diversity and inclusivity. Our roster is not just a list of LGBTQ entertainers; it's a celebration of the rich tapestry of talents that the LGBTQ+ community brings to the world of entertainment. Whether you're looking for a dazzling drag queen, a thought-provoking LGBTQ+ speaker, or an electrifying musical act, we've got you covered.

Our site is designed to be a welcoming and inclusive space that showcases authentic talent, reflecting the diversity of our society. We believe in the freedom of expression for all and are committed to connecting you with performers who are authentic and inclusive. This adds a special touch of LGBTQ+ pride to your event, creating an unforgettable celebration of diversity and inclusivity.

At Altus Entertainment, we understand the importance of celebrating diversity in all aspects of life. That's why we take pride in offering an extraordinary range of LGBTQ+ performers, speakers, and acts, especially for Pride Festival Month. Choose Altus Entertainment for your next event and get ready to experience the magic of diversity and inclusivity in entertainment like never before