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Hire sand animation artists and sculptors from Altus Entertainment for an unforgettable visual experience. Our talented performers transform simple sand into dynamic narratives and breathtaking visuals, providing a unique, immersive and captivating performance for your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration can vary based on the client's requirements, but most performances range from 10 to 30 minutes.

The setup is relatively straightforward, requiring a smooth surface, lighting, and projection equipment. Our team ensures a hassle-free setup and breakdown.

Absolutely! Our artists work closely with clients to understand their vision and incorporate custom designs and logos into their performance.

Acts List

A woman is sprinkling powder on a holiday tree. | Altus Entertainment
Talented Sand Artist
Live sand animations with light and projector,Crafted 100+ custom sand animations for various clients,Animations featured on MTV, Travel & Leisure,Unique blend of storytelling and artistry
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An aerial view of a unique mandala in the sand | Altus Entertainment
Nature Inspired Sand Artist
Henna-inspired, large-scale sand landscapes,Creations as large as 100,000 square feet,Nature-based designs, and messages written on the beach with abstract figures and geometric shapes,Clients included Disney, The Weather Channel, and Turkish Airlines
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Amazing Sand Sculptures for Hire

Step into the captivating world of sand art with Altus Entertainment's exceptional sand animation artists. These amazing sand sculptures for hire turn simple sand into breathtaking visuals that captivate and inspire, crafting narratives that unfold right before the eyes of your guests.

Using just a smooth surface, a handful of sand, and their limitless creativity, our sand artists create a dynamic, ever-changing story. The transient nature of sand art makes each performance unique, and with the aid of projectors, every delicate sweep of the hand is magnified, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the creative process.

But sand artists for hire don't care only about the visuals. The combination of music and lighting perfectly complements the sand art, setting the tone and enhancing the overall experience. Whether it's a serene landscape, a thrilling story, or your brand's logo, our artists deliver a tailored experience that resonates with your audience.

For those looking for a tangible memory of the event, our sand sculptors hire acts can create vibrant colored sand art in bottles, known as rainbows under glass. These exquisite keepsakes make perfect party favors and serve as a beautiful reminder of your event.

So, if you're looking to hire sand animation artists or sand sculptors that can transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience, look no further than Altus Entertainment. Our artists are storytellers, ready to leave an indelible mark on your guests' memories with their amazing sand sculptures. Whether it be for large events like sand sculpture festival 2024 or local entertainment, we've got you covered.