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Hire pickpocket performers from Altus Entertainment for an unforgettable event experience. Our expert entertainers skillfully blend sleight of hand, humor, and storytelling into their performances, creating an engaging and interactive experience that your guests are sure to love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our performers prioritize the safety and comfort of your guests. All items are returned promptly, and the act is executed in a light-hearted and respectful manner.

Yes, our pickpocket magicians can tailor their performance to fit the theme and vibe of your event.

No, the beauty of this act is its simplicity. Our artists seamlessly blend into the crowd, requiring no special setup.

Pickpocket entertainers from Altus Entertainment skillfully 'steal' items like watches, wallets, ties, and more, creating a thrilling and humorous experience for guests.

Acts List

Trade Show Entertainment: A man demonstrating magic with a teapot. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Pickpocket Magician
Resident magician at Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas,Consultant on three seasons of Criss Angel's "Mindfreak" TV show,Versatile pickpocket and magician,Also has an amazing virtual show available
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A man in a suit is holding up a cell phone while utilizing professional photography services. | Altus Entertainment
San Francisco Magician
Incredible illusionist who can do close-up magic as well as performing on stage.,Spectacular illusions, comedy, rapid costume changes, levitations, juggling and unique stunts,Comedy and illusions blended perfectly,Tailored magic for every event,International award-winning act
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Expert Pickpocket Entertainers for Events and Parties

Immerse your guests in a world of intrigue and amusement when you hire pickpocket performers from Altus Entertainment. Our expert pickpocket entertainers transform the ancient art of pickpocketing into an engaging performance, captivating guests and ensuring a safe, humorous experience.

Hiring our pickpocket magicians gives your guests more than just entertainment; it provides them an interactive adventure that combines the thrill of a magic show with the excitement of a heist caper. Our entertainers skilfully 'steal' items like watches, wallets, and ties only to return them with a dazzling smile in a performance that's as charming as it is skilled.

Our expert pickpocket entertainers blend comedy, magic, and audience participation seamlessly for an unforgettable experience. Whether they're mingling during a cocktail hour or commanding a stage, your guests will be engaged and entertained.

When you book pickpocket performers from Altus, you're investing in a unique experience that's tailored to your event's tone and style. From corporate icebreakers to gala dinner surprises, our performers promise a show that will be the talk of the town.

More than the thrill of the 'theft', our pickpocket entertainers tell a story. Using distraction theft as an art form, they weave narratives that take guests on a thrilling journey of trust, surprise, and playful deception.

The thrill of watching a skilled pickpocket at work transcends ages and cultures, making it the perfect addition to any event. Reach out to Altus Entertainment today to hire pickpocket performers and guarantee your next event is filled with intrigue and laughter.