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Casino Entertainment: Bring the Excitement of Vegas to Your Event

Bring the high-energy atmosphere of a Vegas casino to your event with Altus Entertainment's Casino Entertainment. Our top-notch Casino Party Rentals, including authentic Blackjack Tables, ensure a captivating and elegant experience, perfect for any Vegas Party theme.

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A group of people playing roulette at a casino during a themed entertainment event. | Altus Entertainment
Casino Night Event
Casino Parties delivered anywhere in the Pacific Northwest,Fun and exciting casino night event,Night at the Derby video horse racing events,Customizable to your event needs,Expert staffing with friendly and professional dealers
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A woman artist displaying her glamour in a unique glass dress complemented with angelic wings | Altus Entertainment
Living Drink Tables
Unique, interactive drink serving concept,Customizable costumes to match event themes,Provides ice-breaking opportunities at events,High-quality in-house design and engineering,Memorable experience for guests
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A woman at a casino table with cigars. | Altus Entertainment
The Ultimate Cigar Bar
You can book The Ultimate Cigar Bar at Altus Entertainment. To see more detail click here
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Woman dressed as a card game player confidently holding a hand of playing cards | Altus Entertainment
Roving Blackjack Table and Dealer
This strolling Black Jack Table and Dealer is an unforgettable combination of visual elegance and conversation,Create an awe-inspiring atmosphere with this floating Black Jack Table and Dealer,Unleash the power of a revolutionary entertainment option as this strolling Black Jack Table and Dealer provides unforgettable conversations with your guests ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas
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Game Show Event | Altus Entertainment
Game Show Event
Interactive and engaging game show event,Choose from Game Shows featuring Family-Feud-style Survey Says or Casino-Style Games,Customizable questions to fit your group,Includes music, lighting, and uplighting with choice of arcade and game rentals
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Woman posing in a vibrant blue and white feathered costume in a chic hotel room | Altus Entertainment
Glamorous High-end Showgirls
Glamorous High-end Showgirls for unforgettable events,Skilled crowd interaction from professional showgirls,Enhanced event photos with experienced models,Brand ambassadors for product launches,Memorable performances with Las Vegas glamour
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A man in a suit holding a microphone | Altus Entertainment
Male Vocalist Las Vegas
Captivating performances solo or with live band,Puts a modern twist on jazz, pop, and soul classics,Tailored musical experience for every event,Award-winning Las Vegas entertainment,Stellar vocals, Las Vegas dazzle
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 Casino Entertainment: Bring the Excitement of Vegas to Your Event

Elevate your next event with the thrill and sophistication of Casino Entertainment from Altus Entertainment. Perfect for everything from corporate events to private parties, our casino-themed experiences bring the excitement and glamour of Vegas right to your doorstep.

Picture your guests trying their luck at the Blackjack Table, immersed in the exhilarating atmosphere of a high-stakes game. Our professional and friendly dealers ensure that even novices feel like seasoned gamblers, making every round at the table an enjoyable experience.

Planning a Vegas Party? Let us transform your venue into a glittering casino, complete with all the trimmings of Sin City. From the ringing of slot machines to the suspense of the roulette wheel, we create an authentic Vegas experience that’s sure to impress.

Our Casino Party Rentals are more than just games; they’re a ticket to an unforgettable night. Each element of our service, from the quality of our gaming tables to the expertise of our croupiers, is designed to provide a seamless and thrilling experience. Whether you’re a fan of poker, blackjack, roulette, or just the unique vibe of a casino, we have you covered.