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A Lavish Burlesque Dancer in a feathered costume captivating the audience on stage at a Cabaret Dance Show. | Altus Entertainment

Lavish Burlesque Dancer

booking highlights

   International reputation for her exquisite performances, having headlined shows across the globe

   Known for her extravagant and opulent events

   Offers a rich diversity in her performances

   Experience in producing high-quality shows, ensuring a well-curated and polished event

   Able to tailor her performances to suit the specific needs of an event

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Add a sprinkle of glamour and a splash of spectacle to your event when you book burlesque performers for events with our Lavish Burlesque Dancer, the epitome of opulence and artistry. As a world-renowned artist, she not only takes the stage; she owns it, headlining prestigious venues from the Buddha Bar in Dubai to the high-profile platforms in Shanghai and Berlin.

Submerge your senses in the lavish world of burlesque, where every performance is a masterpiece draped in extravagant costumes and enriched with enthralling dance routines. Our performer's talent is unmatched, her presence alone elevating the grandeur of any occasion. A favorite of elite clientele like Bentley Motors and Moët & Chandon, she promises unparalleled sophistication and unparalleled excitement.

This unique burlesque entertainment is more than just a show; it's a journey through the golden age of burlesque, reimagined for a modern audience. Our Professional Burlesque Dancer has been pioneering the revival of this classic art form since 2007, blending traditional techniques with contemporary flair to dazzle and delight audiences worldwide.

Whether you're orchestrating a corporate affair or a private soiree, her performances are tailored to create an unforgettable experience, leaving your guests spellbound. Our Lavish Burlesque Dancer is not just a sensation on stage but also a visionary producer, curating the finest burlesque spectacles with a cast of the genre's most talented artists.

Book our esteemed burlesque performer to add an exquisite touch of vintage glamour and world-class entertainment to your event. Let her transform your venue into a theatre of dreams, weaving an evening of allure, mystique, and breathtaking artistry.

  • Buddah Bar Dubaï ( x5 times)
  • Casino de Montreal
  • Cabaret du Casino de Montreal
  • Borgata casino Atlantic city
  • M1nt Club, Shanghai
  • Various Burlesque Shows across the world (New Caledonia, Thailand, all over Europe, Brazil...)

Voted amongst 5 best burlesque artists of 2023 by the people

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