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Altus Entertainment offers a diverse array of Bollywood and Indian entertainment options, perfect for adding a vibrant and cultural dimension to any event. Whether it's hiring energetic Bollywood dancers, melodious Indian musicians, interactive cultural experiences, or DJs, our entertainers bring the spirit and tradition of India to life, making events like weddings, reunions, and corporate functions not just memorable but a true celebration of Indian culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Altus Entertainment provides a range of entertainment options, including Bollywood dancers, Indian musicians, DJs, solo performers, and interactive elements like henna tattooing and Indian cooking stations.

Yes, Altus Entertainment's Indian musicians cover a broad spectrum of music, including traditional Indian melodies and contemporary Bollywood beats.

Yes, Altus Entertainment can customize the entertainment lineup for your event by combining various entertainment options, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience.

Acts List

World-Class Bollywood Dancers striking a pose for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
World-Class Bollywood Dancers
Amazing option for corporate events, private parties, Arabian nights, Indian themes and weddings,Both modern popular Bollywood music and dance with more traditional Bhangra style choreography,Provide a wide range of line-ups and customizable options to suit any occasion,Stunning costumes and captivating routines,Snake charmer option available ,Based in New York and available for bookings worldwide
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A woman in a traditional Indian dress is performing a dance. | Altus Entertainment
Balinese Dancer
Experience authentic Balinese temple dance in full costumes,Exquisite costumes and vibrant colors,Authentic and traditional performances that showcase the beauty of Bali,Mesmerizing choreography through graceful movements
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Male and female musician posing with their instrument for a professional photograph | Altus Entertainment
Classical Indian Musicians
Global experience in Indian classical concerts,Enchanting Santoor and Tabla performances,Contemporary twist on classical Indian music,Culturally rich and vibrant musical experience,Fusion of sacred melodies and rhythmic joy,Indian traditional music modernized for any event
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Woman posing elegantly in a vibrant red belly dance dress | Altus Entertainment
Exotic Belly Dancer
Exotic belly dancer who brings the flair and class at every event,Performs with an array of props such as candles, fire, and a sword,All of the costumes feature exotic fabrics, glass beads, Swarovski stones, pearls, and natural gems that are hand-made by the dancer,Ideal for corporate functions, themed events, company picnics, private parties, and more
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Woman posing in a vibrant blue and white feathered costume in a chic hotel room | Altus Entertainment
Glamorous High-end Showgirls
Glamorous High-end Showgirls for unforgettable events,Skilled crowd interaction from professional showgirls,Enhanced event photos with experienced models,Brand ambassadors for product launches,Memorable performances with Las Vegas glamour
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Indian Dancers for Hire for Events and Weddings

Immerse your guests in the colorful and dynamic world of Indian culture with Altus Entertainment's Bollywood and Indian entertainers. When you decide to hire Bollywood dancers or Indian musicians for your event, you are choosing an experience that is rich in tradition, energy, and excitement. Our range of entertainment options is perfect for transporting your guests to the heart of India, whether it’s through the rhythm of music or the grace of dance.

Our musical acts, including solo performers, DJs, and bands, cater to every preference, from traditional Indian melodies to contemporary Bollywood beats. Whether you're looking for a serene and melodious sitar performance or a high-energy Bollywood DJ to electrify your dance floor, we have musical acts to fit every budget and event theme.

But the essence of our Bollywood and Indian entertainment lies in our dance performances. Hiring Bollywood dancers means bringing a spectacle of intricate choreography, vibrant costumes, and infectious energy to your event. Our dancers are not just performers; they are storytellers who convey tales of love, drama, and celebration through their movements, captivating your guests with every step.

For a more interactive and intimate experience, we offer unique entertainment stations. Guests can indulge in the art of henna tattooing, learn the mesmerizing strings of the sitar, or even participate in cooking traditional Indian dishes. These interactive elements add a layer of engagement and learning, making your event not just a celebration but a cultural journey.

Our Bollywood and Indian entertainers are ideal for a wide range of events. From weddings and reunions to cultural events, fairs, festivals, and corporate functions, our entertainers add a unique and memorable dimension. Hiring Bollywood dancers for a wedding transforms the celebration into an unforgettable spectacle, while our DJs and musicians infuse weddings with the rhythm and soul of Indian music.

The versatility and adaptability of our entertainers ensure that your event is not only entertaining but also culturally enriching. We understand the nuances of Indian and Bollywood entertainment and are committed to delivering performances that are authentic, vibrant, and in tune with your event’s atmosphere.

In conclusion, choosing Altus Entertainment for your Bollywood and Indian entertainment needs means choosing an experience that is vibrant, authentic, and unforgettable. Our talented dancers, musicians, and interactive entertainers are ready to bring the spirit of India to your event, ensuring it is a celebration of culture, color, and joy. Contact us today to hire Bollywood dancers, Indian dancers, DJs, and musicians, and transform your event into an extraordinary cultural showcase.