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Zombie Dance Show

booking highlights

   A unique dance show blending the elegance of waltz with modern choreography

   Highly trained dancers including renowned Las Vegas award winners

   A diverse entertainment offering ranging from dance to theatrical spoofs

   The perfect spooky entertainment solution for Halloween and themed events

   A visually stunning, high-energy performance that captivates audiences

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Unleash an electrifying Halloween spectacle at your next event with our Zombie Dance Show, where the undead come alive to entertain! Prepare for an evening where ghoulish grace meets the heart-pounding thrill of modern dance. Our show creatively intertwines traditional waltz steps with cutting-edge choreography, bringing forth a zombie-inspired performance that is sure to captivate and terrify in equal measure.

As the music swells and the undead ascend the stage, your guests will be entranced by the spellbinding combination of elegance and horror. Our zombie dancers are not mere performers but highly trained professionals, including award-winning artists from Las Vegas' illustrious Burlesque Hall of Fame. They are well-versed in the macabre art of the undead performance, ready to turn your event into an unforgettable fright night.

If variety is what you seek, our spooktacular roster extends beyond the dance floor. From Beetlejuice spoofs that tickle the funny bone to mystery theatre shows enveloped in shadows and suspense, we provide an array of zombie-themed acts suitable for any Halloween or spooky-themed gala.

Book our Zombie Performance and ensure that your guests are not just attendees but witnesses to a mesmerizing dance of the damned. These undead dancers command the stage with a power that's palpable, blending high-energy thrills with the kind of showmanship that keeps every eye glued to their hauntingly beautiful moves.

This is your chance to make your Halloween event a bone-chilling success. Let our Zombie Dance Show breathe new life into the world of the undead and give your guests a performance they'll be dying to see again.