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Virtual Qin Musician

booking highlights

   An extraordinary artist who plays the qin instrument and can sing for audiences for virtual events

   Her repertoire contains over 50 pieces, including her compositions that are captivating and refreshing

   Ideal for virtual Chinese New Year celebrations, corporate virtual events, and other online affairs

   Has performed virtual concerts for the Cleveland Museum of Art and worldwide audiences

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Our Chinese Zither Player will captivate your guests at your upcoming event or virtual celebration by playing beautiful melodies with her qin online, an ancient seven-stringed zither, a traditional Chinese instrument with more than 2,500-year history. Trained as a musician in both China and Paris, this qin player not only plays Chinese zither pieces but also sings. Our zither player can play traditional Chinese music such as Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist pieces. She has performed exclusive virtual concerts for the prestigious Cleveland Museum of Art and international audiences. Not only a great qin player but also a recognized author. Our musician has written several articles on this instrument that are published books based on her research into the seven-stringed zither’s history, aesthetics, and philosophy. 

Her music is both captivating and refreshing, with pieces like Pleasant Evening, and Flowing Water being among some of the popular melodies she enjoys performing that have been loved by audiences all over the world. Her zither performances can be enjoyed at art galleries or museums for events where you'd want something elegant yet relaxing played in the background for any occasion! If you want an authentic Chinese music experience, look no further than this talented zither player. Contact us today for more information on how to book.