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A versatile ensemble of people playing live music in a vintage black and white photo. | Altus Entertainment

Versatile Vintage Ensemble

booking highlights

   Authentic jazz and soul classics

   Expandable lineup for tailored ambiance

   Regulars at renowned "The Boom Boom Room"

   Off-Broadway jazz credentials

   Perfect ensemble for weddings and galas

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Step into the era of sultry voices and smooth melodies with our Versatile Vintage Ensemble, the quintessential group to hire vintage and retro entertainment acts. Perfect for creating an ambiance of timeless elegance, our ensemble will envelop your guests in the soulful sounds that mark the golden age of jazz and soul.

Specializing in a rich array of classics, these musicians cater to those yearning for the nostalgic comfort of a bygone era. Our ensemble can adapt from a quartet to a sextet, including instruments like the saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, or guitar, ensuring the music complements the specific tone and style of your event—whether it's a vintage wedding band you seek or a sophisticated soundtrack for a high-profile corporate gala.

Embrace the unmatched experience of our ensemble of experienced professional musicians whose resonance has been felt weekly at "The Boom Boom Room" and whose essence has been captured in the Off-Broadway jazz scenes of "Sleep No More." Their storied past propels them to the forefront of authentic vintage entertainment, making them the act to hire when authenticity and artistry are paramount.

Evoke the romance and charm of past decades with the Versatile Vintage Ensemble, and watch as your event becomes a haven of harmonious delight. Their storied melodies are more than just music—they are a bridge to an era where every note tells a story, and every performance is an escape to a world of vintage allure.