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Trio of String Instrumentalists

booking highlights

   Diverse genres from jazz to classical

   Performances with international guitar talents

   Custom setlists for unique event ambiances

   Optional full-band for high-energy events

   Educational workshops on music and theory

Services Offered

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Elevate your event's atmosphere with our Trio of String Instrumentalists' enchanting harmonies and expert artistry. When you hire trio of talented string performers, you're securing an ensemble that provides music and creates an experience that resonates with every guest. The rich and emotive sounds of the guitar, violin, and bass come together to offer an auditory journey through varied genres, from the passionate vibrancy of gypsy jazz to the timeless appeal of acoustic classics.

Our versatile string musicians are adept at tailoring their repertoire to suit the unique ambiance and theme of your special event. With a guitarist who has shared the stage with international luminaries like Joscho Stephan, and the seamless interplay between the violin and bass, this trio elevates any occasion into a sophisticated and memorable affair.

Our Trio doesn't just deliver exceptional performances, but also offers educational opportunities in music theory, composition, and guitar. These are invaluable additions for corporate functions seeking to infuse their events with a stimulating element. For a truly electrifying atmosphere, consider augmenting the trio with a full-band live performance, ensuring your celebration reaches the pinnacle of excitement and elegance.

As some of the industry's best string players and instrumentalists, our Trio's presence at your event guarantees music and a concert imbued with education, versatility, and class. Book our Acoustic Trio today and let your event sing with the strings of true musical mastery.