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Tradeshow Presenter

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   Over 15 years of experience in diverse presenting environments

   Expertise in delivering complex information with clarity and confidence

   Proven track-record of high audience engagement and crowd gathering

   Professional stature with a personable and credible presenting style

   Experience in representing high-profile companies across various industries

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Capture the attention of your tradeshow attendees with a professional corporate presenter whose mastery of the stage is matched only by her depth of experience. With over 15 years spent illuminating trade show floors, live events, and on-camera projects, our seasoned presenter embodies versatility and results-driven dynamism.

Fluency in technical jargon is part of her arsenal, often leading guests to believe she is not just presenting, but an expert in the field she discusses. Her ability to transform complex concepts into easily digestible information is a testament to her exceptional communication skills.

Standing tall at 5’10”, our presenter's career trajectory is as vast as it is impressive—originating in the world of high fashion, strutting runways for renowned brands, and transitioning seamlessly into print, television commercials, and on-camera engagements. Her versatile background includes work with prominent names such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and a host of other top-tier companies.

But her true passion lies in the live interaction that trade shows provide. When looking for corporate presenters for tradeshows, she's become a sought-after talent for her remarkable skills in audience engagement, presenting with an approachable yet professional style. Equally adept with an earprompter and teleprompter, she is also a practiced voice-over talent and on-camera host.

She's brought her charismatic energy and poise to represent leading tech giants, automobile innovators, and other industry heavyweights at trade shows, making her the ideal face and voice for brands looking to stand out.

Ensure your message resonates and your brand remains memorable by employing our corporate presenters for trade shows. When you're searching for a professional speaker for hire, look no further than our exceptional talent, who is ready to make your next event a resounding success.

  • Dell
  • Veritas
  • Porsche
  • Insinkerator
  • Cisco
  • Iams
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • HP
  • Pivotal
  • Nintendo
  • Schneider Electric
  • Canon
  • Kobelco
  • D-Link

This presenter’s high energy, engaging personality, and smile kept each and every audience member enthralled Her ability to ad lib and interact produced a seamless and perfect presentation each and every time. She seemed to make a personal connection with audience members and although it’s often hard to gain participation from the audience, she did so with ease. I have been in the industry for over 20 years as an Event Program Manager and can honestly say that I have never worked with a more professional, amazing, dynamic emcee…She was the SINGLE most integral part of our booth presence at ASIS making it incredibly successful for Cisco.

Joannie Loobey Event Program Manager, Cisco

From the very beginning this presenter's professionalism and experience not only contributed to our huge success, but enhanced our project to its full potential. She was hired to be an “emcee”, but we received so much more. Eager to assist anywhere, she immersed herself in knowing our business which allowed her to gather leads from our prime prospects, acted as an entertaining crowd gatherer, presented our main messaging and was just an absolute delight to be around! Today she continues to exceed our expectations and I know that she is partially responsible for our continued success.

Shelley Borne Account Execute, GES

This presenter is the consummate professional speaker, host, and MC at trade-show and live marketing events. While she nails all the details of a product speech, her fun personality and improvisational skills can turn a dry presentation into a lively attention garnering event that draws attendees into the space.

Eric LeFeber Creative Director, Art Director, Interactive Producer