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Strolling Mentalist Performer

booking highlights

   He is regarded by his peers as the best walkaround mentalist in the world

   Uses a "no-prop" approach to captivate audiences in a way that creates a jaw-dropping experience

   Perfect for corporate events, galas, private parties and more

   International known, with performances on the “Today Show” and Ellen

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Mentalism is a fascinating subject that can be explored in many different ways. This magician takes it one step further by bringing mentalist performances to an intimate walk-around format. His innocent, yet playful demeanor is enough to catch people off guard as he uses their own personal effects or thoughts for granted in order to demonstrate an impossible feat right before their eyes. The things in people's hands move or change shape, thoughts are inexplicably revealed and so many areas of the paranormal come to light. With no props used, his work is so polished and flawless that it's impossible to explain with the most brilliant sleight of hand. No, it's not a show. 

It’s an experience. This entertainer offers the opportunity to unleash your creative potential and explore new worlds. His art is more than just a formula; it’s the result of his passion for creativity and desire to bring people together. He loves creating custom experiences that reflect who you are, where or when this moment in time stands out most for your family! He's an international celebrity, with performances on the “Today Show” and Ellen. New York Magazine referred to his performance as some sort of religious experience from centuries past! To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.