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A woman in a purple and white striped suit sitting on a cube providing patriotic entertainment. | Altus Entertainment

Striped Character Selfie Station

booking highlights

   Immersive 8ft x 16ft striped graphics

   Perfect for photo opportunities with guests

   Self-serve with cloud model access

   Perfect for share-worthy moments

   Customizable attraction to fit event themes

Services Offered

Striped Character Selfie Station PHOTOS

Striped Character Selfie Station VIDEOS

Capture the quirky, vibrant essence of your event with our Striped Character Selfie Station, where guests don't just take photos—they become part of a whimsical, striped wonderland. Ditch the ordinary photobooth for a multi-dimensional experience that plunges guests into a bold 8ft x 16ft graphic world, all while standing atop a cube platform designed to draw them into the fun.

Our Selfie Station for Events is more than just a snapshot—it's interactive entertainment, a splatter of panache on your event's canvas that melds laughter with creativity. As attendees strike a pose, they're not just captured by the camera; they're woven into a vibrant tapestry of stripes and colors, transforming every shot into a masterpiece worthy of galleries and social media feeds alike.

But the magic of our Striped Character Selfie Station extends far beyond the flash. With an innovative cloud model active for up to 3 hours, your guests can instantly download, share, and bask in the memories of their striped escapades, extending the joy of your event to the digital realm.

Perfect for any occasion craving a streak of imagination—from corporate celebrations to private bashes—this themed photobooth for rent is your ticket to a gallery of giggles and gasps. When searching for a portable selfie station, settle for nothing less than the extraordinary.

Make your event a hashtag sensation, and let the Striped Character Selfie Station be your beacon of unforgettable fun. Book now, and let's stripe up the smiles and the shares!