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Living Statues New York

booking highlights

   She has performed for artists worldwide such as Britney Spears and Michael Jackson

   Amazing living statue personas that will wow the audience

   Available to perform at events worldwide, based in New York

   Over 100 unique costume stories

   Wide array of characters from elegant to eclectic

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Elevate your event to the realm of the extraordinary with the most iconic street performance art—our Living Statues in New York are the epitome of elegance and intrigue. Imagine the enchantment of your guests as they mingle with interactive human statues, so lifelike they seem to breathe art into the air.

When you hire living statues in New York from Altus Entertainment, you're securing an act that has captivated audiences from the streets of the Big Apple to the most exclusive corporate events. Prestigious clients like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson have witnessed the magnetic draw of our performer, whose dedication to her craft is reflected in her vast collection of over 100 costumes. Each garment is a story waiting to unfold, from the pride of the Statue of Liberty to the mystical Marble Mermaid.

Our human statue in New York is not merely a visual spectacle but an interactive experience that beckons the crowd into a dance of curiosity and wonder. Renowned for her ability to gather an audience with a single performance, she transforms any space into a living canvas, where moments of stillness are as powerful as the greatest movements in dance.

Her extensive repertoire boasts iconic characters like the Serenity Snow Angel, the enigmatic Mummy, and a whimsical Scarecrow, among others. Each performance is an invitation to explore a world where art and human resilience converge. With a list of satisfied clientele including Pepsi, Citibank, Jaguar, Delta Airlines, Reebok, and IBM, our living statue's prestige is as established as her poise.

Contact an entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment today and ensure your event becomes the scene of unforgettable encounters with the most acclaimed living statues. New York's finest awaits, ready to transform your gathering into a tableau vivant of elegance and awe.