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Las Vegas Madonna Impersonator

booking highlights

   Captivating performances as Madonna and other iconic celebrities

   Award-winning actress and celebrity look-alike impersonator

   Attention to detail with memorable performances and multiple costume replicas from every era of Madonna’s career

   Available to create stunning costumes and has been designing clothes since the age of 3

   Has acted as other's muse with her unique charm

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When the Wall Street Journal called her "Spot On," you better believe this talented artist is an act like no other. After Indianapolis’s American Cabaret Theatre was looking for a Madonna lookalike to perform in their 80s show, three different directors said: “Call Her.”

This Italian beauty relocated and made her national TV debut with Jenny Jones as an actress while performing "The Blonde Exhibition" at El Rey theatre during a week in Hollywood. When her talent was captured on camera performing celebrity impersonations, her life was changed forever!

This talented act fooled so many people with her impersonations that one called 911. Entertainment Tonight noticed and featured her story the following evening. Contact Altus Entertainment today and book this amazing act.