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Inspiring Coach and Speaker

booking highlights

   Real-life inspiration for TV's Coach Ted Lasso

   Emphasizes character-building leadership

   People-First philosophy for teams

   MVP strategies for overcoming adversity

   Inspirational stories with actionable insights

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In a world craving genuine role models and authentic leadership, one voice stands out as an inspirational and motivational speaker whose life story has influenced pop culture and inspired many. Drawing from his experience as a celebrated coach and educator, this Kansas-based speaker brings to the podium the same values and philosophies that served as the muse for the beloved character, Coach Ted Lasso.

Whether addressing a room of eager corporate professionals or a stadium of students, his talks transcend the ordinary, making him not just an inspirational speaker but a catalyst for positive change. With a "People-First" approach and an "MVP" framework, he instills principles that focus on building character and fostering a collaborative spirit over mere competition.

As one of the top motivational speakers today, his sessions are more than speeches; they are a collection of life lessons, practical advice, and engrossing stories. Attendees leave inspired and equipped with actionable strategies to cultivate a culture of integrity and unity in the workplace and their communities.

Invite our speaker to your next event for an authentic experience that will resonate with your audience and instill lasting values. Here is an opportunity to galvanize your team with insights from a screen hero's real-life counterpart and invest in the kind of leadership that wins hearts and minds alike.