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Innovative Comedian and Actor

booking highlights

   Unforgettable humorous and interactive performances

   Guinness World Record holder and globally recognized

   Has been featured on Ellen and Jay Leno

   Great for generating interest and engagement at events

   Only person in the USA with these distinct abilities

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Innovative Comedian and Actor PHOTOS

Dive into a world of comedy like no other with our innovative comedian and actor. With a unique talent that allows him to stick almost anything to his head and body, he creates a show that is both hilariously entertaining and genuinely astonishing.

A Guinness World Record holder, this comedian is not just a funny guy—he is a world-class entertainer who has shared the stage with renowned comedians like Jon Lovitz and Gabriel Iglesias. He has also appeared on popular TV shows like Ellen and Jay Leno.

Whether he's sticking cans to his head for laughs or mingling with the crowd at football games and NASCAR races, he knows how to captivate an audience. His interactive comedy performances have been performed all over the world, always leaving his audience in fits of laughter and amazement.

So when you're looking to find and hire comedy actor for events that guests will remember for years to come, our comedian is your perfect choice. Hire Guinness award-winning comedian acts today and have your audience laughing and amazed all night long.