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India's Magic Star

booking highlights

   Winner of the India's first reality show featuring magic

   Designed acts and trained Bollywood superstar SRK

   Spellbinding illusions meet Indian mystique

   Tailored magic for any event theme

   Versatile performances from close-up to stage

   Master magician with global acclaim

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Add a magic touch to your events when you hire Indian Magic Star, the epitome of enchantment and elegance in the world of magic. We proudly present this luminary of illusion, a magician who is not only at the apex of his craft in India but also a global phenomenon. Each performance is an opus of the impossible, weaving a tapestry of tricks and cognitive wonders that will hold your guests in rapt attention.

Whether you are orchestrating a corporate affair, an exclusive private party, or a grand public spectacle, hiring India's Magic Star guarantees a showcase that intertwines the traditional with the contemporary. He stands apart from the Magicians available in India—his show is an exquisite blend of India's rich mystical heritage and cutting-edge illusion techniques. Audiences are transported into a realm where the laws of physics are playfully defied, and reality bends to the will of his undeniable artistry.

India's Magic Star has crafted a repertoire that transcends the classic; it's a vibrant mix of close-up engagements, grand stage productions, and interactive audience experiences. His tailored performances ensure that regardless of your event's theme or the audience's expectations, they are not just met—they are surpassed.

Being one of the Indian renowned magicians, his act is unmissable, his prestige unmatched, and his abilities are proven crowd pleasers. This is not just a magic show; it's a legacy in the making. Hire Indian Magic Star through us and imbue your event with a sense of wonder and a pinnacle of magical artistry rarely seen and always remembered.