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Funny Corporate Mentalist and Magician

booking highlights

   Tailored to include company-specific jokes

   Perfect for high-end corporate events

   High audience participation and engagement

   Award-winning magic and clean humor

   Customized performances for every event

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Elevate your next corporate event with the exceptional talent of our funny corporate mentalist and magician. If you want to impress a high-end audience with top-tier entertainment, you've found the perfect act. Combining award-winning, baffling magic with spontaneous, clean humor, our magician will leave your guests in awe and stitches.

Imagine the amazement as he performs hey-how'd-he-do-that magic, all while cracking up the audience with boy-next-door humor that's both clean and relatable. Engage your guests with a whole show of audience participation where folks are more than spectators—they are part of the performance. Each show is meticulously customized to incorporate nuances about your company, from inside jokes about the office to nods to your biggest competitors, making each performance unique and relevant.

When you plan to hire a mentalist for a party or a mentalist for a corporate event, you want someone who will deliver a flawless, engaging experience. Our funny corporate mentalist and magician is skilled in creating bespoke shows that speak directly to your audience. Whether it's poking fun at the company golf tournament or the executive who's perpetually late, his act is tailored to resonate with your crowd.

Do you need clean corporate magicians who can handle a sophisticated crowd with humor and grace? Look no further. This magician's blend of fresh comedy and mind-boggling tricks ensures your event will stand out. His ability to seamlessly weave humor into his magic sets him apart, making him the go-to choice for top-shelf corporate entertainment.

Simplify your event planning and guarantee a hit by booking our funny corporate mentalist and magician. With his Freshly Brewed Magic & Comedy, your event will transform into a memorable experience filled with laughter, wonder, and unparalleled engagement. Don't leave your corporate entertainment to chance—book today and make your event successful.


  • Krayden, Inc.
  • MillerCoors
  • Colorado Access
  • Many many more...


He knew things he shouldn't have..what a mind-blowing show!

Colorado Access