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A group of 1940s female dancers watch a fire ring at night. | Altus Entertainment

Fire Tower Act

booking highlights

   Outrageous display of fire on a 20 foot tower

    Spinning fire ropes causing enormous sparks paired with a massive flaming battle axe

   Unique one man fire show never done before

   Show can be seen over a mile away

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Are you searching for a highly skilled fire performer to hire who can deliver an unforgettable performance? Our Fire Tower Act combines tribal dance and martial arts to create a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave your audience in awe. This exceptional performer has graced stages at The Burning Man Official Fire Conclave, Cirque du Soleil, and events for Nike and the American Cancer Society, showcasing his mastery in the art of fire performance.

When you book this highly skilled fire performer to hire, you’re ensuring an extraordinary experience that takes entertainment to new heights—literally. Perched atop a 20 ft tower, our fire daredevil spins fire ropes, transforming into a human windmill made of flames. The act includes a massive flaming battle axe and flame-throwing gauntlets, delivering a one-man fire show unlike any other.

Perfect for large outdoor events, this high-energy performance requires ample space to truly shine. Whether it’s a festival night or a grand celebration, our incredible fire act will add the wow factor and captivate your guests. This isn't just a performance—it's an experience that combines visual artistry and thrilling acrobatics, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

This professional fire entertainer for hire brings 20 years of practice and a unique passion for the craft, ensuring that each show is both safe and spectacular. His ability to integrate audience engagement with jaw-dropping feats makes this act a must-have for any event seeking unforgettable entertainment.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your event with this incredible fire act for events. Contact us today to book our highly skilled fire performer and ensure your event is a blazing success. Experience the magic, thrill, and artistry that only our Fire Tower Act can provide.


  • BurningMan
  • WaterFire, Providence RI
  • Luna Festival, Houston TX
  • BurningRock festival, GiantRock CA