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Extreme Mind Magician

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   Unique blend of psychology, mentalism, and showmanship

   Numerous television appearances on international platforms

   Critically acclaimed shows at prestigious festivals like Edinburgh Fringe

   Mind-reading mastery that will leave audiences amazed

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Prepare to be enthralled by a performer who makes the impossible seem possible as he taps into the minds of his audience with an uncanny precision that defies explanation. His expertise in mind reading is not just a performance; it's an interactive journey into the realm of the extraordinary. The boundaries between reality and illusion blur from the moment he steps onto the stage, leaving you questioning what you thought was imaginable.

With a foundation built on a lifelong passion for magic and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, our extreme mind reader for corporate events has honed his craft beyond the ordinary limits. His application of psychology and mentalism techniques goes beyond traditional magic, offering a sophisticated twist on mind-reading that captivates and amazes audiences from all walks of life.

As a respected figure in the magic community, he is a spellbinding performer, pioneer, and educator, shaping the future of mentalism with his published works and influential teachings. His adept understanding of the human psyche makes his magic and mind reading shows a masterclass in entertainment, leaving spectators not only mesmerized but also enlightened.

Having graced the stages of the Magic Circle and captured the attention of viewers on prestigious television networks, this performer's caliber of showmanship is unparalleled. Whether he's making guest appearances on ITV's Good Morning Britain or fascinating audiences on NBC's Access Hollywood, his presence is a mark of quality and awe.

For an experience that combines intellectual prowess with the thrill of illusion, booking this extraordinary mind reader and illusionist is a decision that promises to deliver perfect magic entertainment for events. Engage your guests with a show that they will not only watch but become a part of, as they witness a performance that will be the subject of conversations long after the curtain falls.


  • TSB Bank
  • Hendricks Gin
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • AXA Insurance
  • Aviva


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A sheer force of wit, charisma, and style

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