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Master Mentalist and Mind Reader

booking highlights

   Mind-blowing thought reading on stage

   Elegant comedy with mentalist charm

   Engages audiences in interactive fun

   High-profile entertainment pedigree

   Experience the impossible with intuition

Services Offered

Master Mentalist and Mind Reader PHOTOS


Professional event mentalist for hire to transform your gathering with a thrilling display of mind-reading and interactive entertainment.

Elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary with a professional event mentalist for hire. Our master mind reader and entertainer takes audiences on an enthralling journey into the marvels of the human psyche, blending humor and intuition to leave everyone spellbound. It’s not just magic—it’s a sophisticated tapestry of mind games that promise to bewilder and excite every guest.

Opt for our professional event mentalist for hire and provide an experience that transcends the typical, delving into the depths of the unexplained. Renowned for captivating an elite clientele, including U.S. Presidents and European royalty, our illusionist mind reader, available to hire, turns your event into a spectacle of hilarity and amazement, with each performance inviting the audience to partake in the wonder.

Discover the genius of our master mind reader and entertainer, whose comedic brilliance elevates his mentalist acts to a realm of unforgettable laughter and awe. Whether it’s a large-scale corporate event or a more intimate affair, expect a performance that consistently surpasses the highest entertainment standards.

Prepare for a night of intellectual intrigue and elegant humor; book our illusionist mind reader available to hire. Your attendees will partake in an interactive odyssey, experiencing mind-to-mind communication and revelations that defy explanation, all woven together with comedic finesse. For a truly memorable event, secure our master mind reader and entertainer and witness the pinnacle of mental prowess and performance artistry.


“Jon Stetson is a very dangerous man. I wish I had his skill set!”

Warren Buffett