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Event Psychic

booking highlights

   Mystifying readings with a festive flair

   Versatile psychic talents for any event

   Customized, thematic entertainment experiences

   Global reach with virtual reading capabilities

   Over two decades of professional psychic experience

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Looking for an extraordinary addition to your next Event? Our Event Psychic for hire is the answer, combining the allure of mysticism with the thrill of entertainment. With over two decades of experience, our psychic has astonished attendees, from high-profile celebrities to political figures across major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. As a natural-born clairvoyant and clairsentient, she's polished her skills to provide insightful, captivating readings that will leave your guests spellbound.

Whether you're hosting a personal party, a corporate event, or seeking a unique form of entertainment, our party psychic brings an unforgettable element to every gathering. She thrives in the buzz of a party atmosphere, expertly reading tarot cards and palms and even providing psychometry readings. Her unique abilities have earned her features in prestigious publications and cemented her as a sought-after entertainer in the vibrant nightlife of Manhattan.

When you hire a psychic for a party, you offer a fascinating, interactive experience. Our psychic's light-hearted and fun approach ensures guests receive uplifting and inspiring readings that fit perfectly within the festive spirit. She can tailor her abilities to suit your event theme, creating customized party games and offering themed readings that will be the talk of the Event.

Our psychic has also seamlessly transitioned into virtual entertainment, connecting with individuals worldwide. The global reach of her virtual sessions has brought joy and intrigue to many during challenging times, proving that distance is no barrier to a magical experience.

Make your next Event an enchanting affair with our Event Psychic for hire, where the mystical meets the memorable, providing both readings and moments of wonder and connection.

“Our team recently experienced a phenomenal team building event with her. She is warm and engaging personality instantly put everyone at ease, creating a perfect atmosphere for bonding and fun.Her psychic abilities and interactive palm reading lesson amazed us, sparking laughter and lively conversations throughout the event. Her dedication to making our time together memorable was evident in every detail. I highly recommend for any corporate event, as she will leave your team inspired, connected, and buzzing with positive energy.”


She led four amazing team bonding experiences for us, each in a different time zone across the globe. We don’t typically interact in such a way, but everybody was blown away. People were messaging me after the event with rave reviews.