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Esteemed Tarot Reader

booking highlights

   Receive deep insights with empathetic tarot consultations

   Over five years of professional tarot card reading experience

   Enhance well-being with her unmatched commitment to healing

   Unlock potential and positive change with transformative sessions

   Fun addition to any event

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Amplify your experience into a realm of insight and enlightenment when you choose to hire a tarot card reader. Our Esteemed Tarot Reader, gifted with profound intuitive prowess, offers more than mere predictions; she provides transformative experiences that guide guests toward personal growth and clarity. Immerse your attendees in the ancient art of tarot, where each card unveils profound truths and pathways to well-being.

She stands apart as a beacon of wisdom with years of dedicated practice as a professional tarot reader. She utilizes her talents to foster a shift from mere existence to a life enriched with purpose and understanding. Our tarot reading experts are versed in the tarot traditions and the holistic practice of sound bath healing and Reiki, offering a multi-dimensional approach to self-discovery and healing.

Hiring a tarot card reader provides an exceptional and interactive form of entertainment for those seeking to add a touch of mystique to their gatherings. Perfect for corporate retreats, private parties, or wellness events, our tarot reader’s compassionate approach resonates with all who partake in her sessions. She helps unearth the potential within, leading to powerful moments of revelation and inspiration.

Let your guests embark on a journey of self-exploration and find the keys to unlock their innermost desires and dreams. With each card and its story, they will delve into a deeper understanding of their life’s journey, facilitated by one of the most insightful professional tarot readers in the industry.


  • For Love & Lemons
  • Half Magic Beauty
  • Warner Music
  • Fable & Mane
  • California Market Center
  • Smart Meetings


She is the best! She was hired for 3 hours at a 100+ guest event, and did amazing. The guests absolutely loved her and she stayed longer than agreed just to make sure everyone was taken care of, which was so sweet! Highly recommend hiring her!

Nina Winograd

I cannot say enough about her. She showed up early, got set up within minutes, and went above and beyond for my party. Every single person who saw her said she was a life changing experience. Don't think twice about booking her - just do it! You'll thank me later.

Bruno Seros-Ulloa

My team hired her to read tarot for our film premiere and she was the hit of the party! She is very sensitive to energy and very thorough with her readings. Everyone loved her vibe, and I can't recommend her enough!

Olivia Blue