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Environmental Awareness Group

booking highlights

   Available to book worldwide, based in Dallas

   They will showcase amazing Acappella harmonies, industrial Stomp style drumming, and break dancers

   Performs inspirational songs to help inspire the youth

   With over 20 years of experience, they use music to create environmental awareness and advocate for change through their songs

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It's like a variety show LIVE from Central Park. The urban feel and Broadway appeal make you want to get up on your feet with this grand effect, high emotion, and contagious energy. This Texas-based group of performers has been entertaining crowds since 2001 from New York to Seattle, Ohio to Puerto Rico. This group has been perfecting its craft for over 20 years. This Band has been known to electric up audiences with their tight Acappella harmonies, industrial "stomp" style drumming, and sensational breakdancers. Be prepared for an evening that is joyous and entertaining with music, dance, and comedy theatre intertwined with lighthearted audience participation!

They are an earth-bound group that uses their voice to bring awareness and advocate for change when it comes to caring for the environment. They're on a mission to inspire people with their message of environmental commitment. From performing around the world, they've seen that there are major issues at hand and through performances, they believe they can change the world one song at a time. They are inspired by the youth and continue to advocate change through them. Their energy spreads throughout their audiences and crowds as their vibe is contagious. They know how to rock any house or venue with their unique spin on classic songs. For over a decade, this earth-bound musical group has been taking charge of environmental change and awareness. They'll leave you feeling inspired and ready to change the world. They are here for one thing, connecting with their listeners through music! To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.