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Dynamic Hand Balance Artist

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   Graceful balance meets athletic precision

   A past leading artist in Cirque Du Soleil's, Varekai, her dynamic stage presence can WOW any audience with her hand-balancing, agility, and strength

   Featured on TV shows including Americas Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and more

   Available to book worldwide, based in California

   Perfect for diverse events and celebrations

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Transform your event into an awe-inspiring display of human strength and grace when you hire high-impact hand balance act. Our Dynamic Hand Balance Artist captivates audiences with a performance that weaves incredible feats of agility and power into an elegant ballet of balance and control. With a finesse honed under the big tops of Cirque Du Soleil and stages across the world, she enthralls spectators with a unique blend of artistry that must be seen to be believed.

Each hand balancing show is a testament to the limits of human capability, combining intricately choreographed movements with innovative musical scores that leave audiences breathless and clamoring for more. This hand balancing circus performer has not only impressed the elite audiences of The Venetian Macau Casino and Cirque Le Noir but has also taken television by storm, featuring on America's Got Talent, Spain's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars.

Book a professional circus acts of this caliber to promise more than just entertainment; it's an experience that elevates your event to new heights. Perfect for festivals, corporate galas, private parties, and theatrical shows, our artist's performance is versatile enough to complement any setting, capturing the imagination and creating moments of pure astonishment.

Dare to mesmerize your guests with a spectacle combining power, poise, and strength with beauty. Hire a hand balancing act renowned for leaving a legacy of wonder and excitement at every performance. Contact Altus Entertainment today to ensure your event is balanced on the pinnacle of perfection.