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A BIPOC artist in a black dress singing on stage for holiday party entertainment. | Altus Entertainment

Diva with Big Vocals

booking highlights

   Impressive range with over 300 songs

   Multi-genre vocal virtuoso

   Custom-tailored performances

   Internationally acclaimed vocal talent

   Commanding stage presence and showmanship

Services Offered

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Enrich your occasion with the stunning artistry of "Diva with Big Vocals," the female vocalist for hire who takes every note to breathtaking heights. With a reputation that precedes her across oceans, this powerhouse performer boasts an international career, dazzling audiences with her magnetic presence and a voice that commands attention.

As a top-rated female singer for events, she brings a spectrum of musical versatility to the stage. With a limitless repertoire spanning over 300 songs, her vocal prowess covers the soul of Motown, the edginess of rock, the elegance of jazz, and even the heart-stirring arias of Italian opera. Her performances are a masterclass in vocal dynamism, suitable for any scale and style events.

Our esteemed vocalist doesn't just perform; she embodies the essence of music with confidence and positivity radiating through every melody. Whether serenading a private gathering or enchanting a corporate crowd, her performances are tailor-made to suit your event's atmosphere, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

For those seeking more than just a voice, our professional female session singers offer an unparalleled experience, weaving together a custom musical journey crafted to captivate and engage your guests. With infectious energy and soulful tunes, she ensures that every performance is an encounter with the extraordinary.

Secure the vocal sensation "Diva with Big Vocals" – a talent unmatched in delivering aural excellence and musical sophistication. Let her big vocals fill the room with an extraordinary ambiance, leaving your guests with something to talk about long after the final note fades.