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Crystal Ball Contact Juggler

booking highlights

   Mesmerizing crystal ball contact juggling performances

   Elegant, charming, and entertaining up-close performances

   Years of experience in circus and live event production

   Skill and talent honed through work with Cirque du Soleil

   Creates an atmosphere of wonder and fascination

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Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating performances of this Crystal Ball Contact Juggler. This professional juggler based in Quebec, brings elegance, charm, and entertainment to live events with her mesmerizing act using crystal balls.

With years of experience in circus and live event production, including working with esteemed company Cirque du Soleil, her skill and talent shine through in every performance. Her up-close performances with crystal balls are a true spectacle, captivating audiences with their elegance and grace.

Book now and experience the captivating artistry of the Crystal Ball Contact Juggler. Let her enchanting performances add a touch of magic to your event, creating an atmosphere of wonder and fascination that will leave your guests in awe.