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Corporate Comedy Show

booking highlights

   Hilarious and interactive Corporate Comedy Show

   Mesmerizing plate spinning act

   Daring straitjacket escape on a unicycle

   Versatile performances including comedy magic and juggling

   Experienced performer with worldwide recognition

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Add a spark of laughter and entertainment to your corporate event with our Corporate Comedy Show. Our performance is more than a comedy routine—it's a captivating blend of comedy magic, juggling, plate spinning, and a daring straitjacket escape.

Our Corporate Comedy Show offers more than laughs. The performer brings various skills, including mesmerizing plate spinning that has gained fame on the Tonight Show and Google. If you're looking for an act that will entertain and captivate your audience, our plate-spinning routine will surely impress.

Watch in awe as our performer takes on a daring straitjacket escape while riding a unicycle, leaving audiences on the edge of their seat. This straitjacket escape is more than a feat of escapology; it's a testament to our performer's skill and charisma.

But at its heart, our Corporate Comedy Show remains a comedy act rife with humor and fun. With routines showcased at Comedy Central's "Comedy Fest" and French, Italian, and Chinese TV, we promise a hilarious and entertaining show that will leave your guests laughing.

Whether it's a corporate get-together, an office party, or a formal event, our Corporate Comedy Show is the perfect ingredient to make it a hit. Experience the thrill of plate spinning, the suspense of the straitjacket escape, and the magic of comedy all in one show!


  • Tonight Show
  • Gong Show
  • Comedy Festival at Ceasars Palace Las Vegas
  • Le Plus Grande Cabaret, Paris
  • Microsoft