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US Composer and Pianist

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   Incredible live music that is the perfect option for any occasion

   A US composer, pianist, recording artist, arranger, performer, inventor, and cartoonist

   Romantic piano style has caught the attention of many famous stars in the industry

   Based in Los Angeles and available for booking worldwide

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This exceptional pianist and composer has played throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America. His live event music experience strikes a chord with audiences from all walks of life, whether they are corporate events or private functions; cocktail hours, or gala dinners! This pianist's soothing sound is perfect for your next big occasion because you will never forget his phenomenal performance when it comes time to make memories. His performance is one that will leave you spellbound. With unforgettable event entertainment, this phenomenal US composer and pianist boasts incredible music to listen to, as well as a captivating stage presence for those who attend his performances! One of today's most successful expressionists in 21st century classical piano performing arts; our talented artist has sold over 120 thousand CDs on QVC alone in just 1 hour while appearing throughout The Home Shopping Network and 10 million records worldwide. This brilliant US Composer and Pianist provides a live event music experience that is so special, unique to every guest at your next party! A pianist who has been nominated for many awards from organizations such as The National Academy Television Arts & Sciences (NAVAS) or Telly Awards; he recorded 150+ CDs over 40 DVDs just from performing on stage during various festivals like New York Festivals and Palace Court At Caesar’s Place.

He is a romantic piano style that has caught the attention of many elite high rollers in this industry. Amongst these famous stars was Frank Sinatra, who mentored our composer and pianist throughout his years before death with guidance on how to perfect what they do best - music! His first performance was at "The People's Great Hall" in 2015 and it was a sell-out crowd of 8,000 fans. A US composer/pianist who began playing piano when he was only five years old; our pianist studies composition with Michael Cheskinoff from The Russian Conservatory, and since then has gone on performing all over the world! To book our Composer and Pianist contact our entertainment specialists today!